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Our Mission

Siren Song Marketing Group’s mission is to inspire business growth through customized creative marketing techniques.

Our Name

The term "Siren Song" comes from Roman and Greek Mythology. According to the writings of Virgil, Sirens are fabulous women that adorn wings to resemble birds. Virgil places sirens on rocks where they watch for ships. It is the Sirens’ Song that stops vessels and wards them away from shipwreck. The Siren Song is also the wind that fills the sails of ships to guide them away from danger. Like Sirens, we use our creativity and ingenuity to guide clients to your business and brand.


Siren Song Marketing Group is a creative marketing business that assists you in the management of several distinct business aspects. Our services include; campaign management, social media management and set-up, strategy and event management, spending management, article writing management, and event promotion. The list goes on, as we are a versatile company that takes pride in the diversity of our work, as well as our personalized customer experience that we provide to our one-of-a-kind clients.


Our primary goal is to assist business owners by inspiring rapid business growth and aiding in the task of social media marketing and content management. We strive to provide a one-on-one experience with our clients, Our state-of-the-art marketing team consists of versatile employees that specialize in their own respective fields, such as monitoring and increasing sales, operations maintenance, creating business relationships, generation of infrastructure, business branding, and so on.


If you are a business owner, or at least a potential business owner, look to us to help you in the marketing aspects of your business. We are unique in that we provide a personable experience to our clients and have extensive experience in all major aspects of marketing and business growth. We look forward to working alongside you to benefit your company and our company respectively.

Contact us by email,, or by phone, 540-416-2270, and speak with our representatives today to learn more about our ambitious company and invest in the most highly-skilled marketing partners around.

Marketing Team


Abbey Smith, Founder/Marketing Strategist

As the Founder of Siren Song Marketing Group, Abbey’s goal is to increase sales, maintain operations, generate infrastructure, network effectively for Siren Song Marketing Group but also create new relationship avenues for her clients.


Being a Marketing Strategist consists of many facets. It includes business branding, marketing, networking and public relations. As a marketing strategist, Abbey works with clients to achieve their business goals. Abbey furthers these goals by constantly adapting to what the client wants to portray to the public and client industry trends . As a part of our business philosophy, Abbey is engaging in a highly invigorating job that lends itself to investing in her clients and watching them succeed in their business goals.

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