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If you're curious to know what social media trends are on the horizon for 2018, you're not alone. Here at Siren Song Marketing, we stay on top of the latest industry news so we're able to offer the best services to our customers. In addition to offering social media tr...

There is no doubt that social media has become the sensation of the online world. Today, these platforms not only provide channels of communication among individuals but have become important ways for businesses to spread their marketing messages. However, in order to...

Social media has become the dominating power in a couple of life’s spheres such as friendships, relationships and even hearsay. A news event spreads like fire across the world with the sharing features on social media. It’s this attribute that promises businesses incre...

Okay – it’s not exactly the most popular holiday, and you most likely did not get paid for it or receive any presents, but that’s little excuse for missing out on one of the biggest days in social media marketing. Friday, June 30th was #SocialMediaDay, and in a belated...

If you are scratching your head to come up with a new idea for a blog or social media marketing post, then it may be time to inject some fresh material into your creative thinking process. There is practically no limit to the different perspectives and ideas you can pr...

Instagram has over 75 million active daily users. 

With a user base this large, it is shocking how few growing businesses take advantage of this platform. It does not matter whether you have made an account and never used it or have not tried it out yet, now is the time...

As a business, your content is your most valuable asset; therefore, understanding the differences in content strategies, as well as how they can work together, is key to building a successful business online as well as offline.

In developing a successful content marketi...

Despite what some marketing gurus are saying, Facebook is still a great place for your business to market and advertise your products and services. The great thing is that this type of marketing can be done for very little or no money and the returns can be significant...

Is your content lacking the impact you think it should have? Many marketers produce great content but the content often fails to get the attention of their audience. In many of these cases, the problem can be attributed to the words used in the content. The words you u...

Customer service has an implied meaning to most people who purchase something from a business. It's two words that ultimately convey a message behind your brand; or least that's what customer service should do when the message is effectively delivered. A big part of wh...

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