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Ideas For Your Content Marketing

If you are scratching your head to come up with a new idea for a blog or social media marketing post, then it may be time to inject some fresh material into your creative thinking process. There is practically no limit to the different perspectives and ideas you can present in written content. Not every piece has to be be about the exact product or service provided by your company, although it should target a similar audience or topics to draw potential consumers to the message.

Check Out the Competition

This may be an obvious tactic, it can also provide a wealth of new ideas for content on your own site. It's never a good idea to copy titles or content directly, but you can see what kind of articles your competitors are posting to explore new directions for your own material. Looking up the competition through search engines also allows you to see what sites are dominating certain keywords or topics, which may influence other digital marketing decisions.

Industry Books and Publications

Books may not be quite as prevalent as they once were, but they are still provide a depth and scope not found in most online content. Reading up on some of the new literature coming out in your niche or industry not only keeps you informed, it can also provide plenty of writing ideas for future posts. You can even link to high authority, respectable publications to direct customers towards a source of extra information.

Answer Customer Questions

Do you often field the same questions from potential clients? Is there anything that many of your customers aren't aware of that is important for making an informed decision? Don't hesitate to create an article based around one or more frequently asked questions. Most consumers and businesses look for products or services as a solution to a problem they are currently facing. In many cases, they aren't exactly sure how to define their problem or articulate what they want to achieve. Writing content based around common concerns among your target audience shows that you understand their situation and can anticipate their needs.

Read Online Forums and Boards

There are a number of online communities dedicated to spreading information and answering questions in all kinds of subject areas. One example is Quora, a popular forum presented in a question and answer format. This kind of website can be a fantastic source of new content ideas, including ones that haven't been covered much by the competitors. These sites can also offer an opportunity for you to share your industry-specific expertise and knowledge to build credibility.

Talk to Experienced Marketers

It's easy to run into a wall if you don't have a lot of experience with creative thinking and writing projects. Talk to a professional marketing writer or strategist to get fresh and informed ideas for content. A marketing expert knows how to shift their thinking to approach topics from different angles and present it in a way that appeals to readers. As a modern online social media marketing agency, Siren Song Marketing works with businesses to develop a strong and fresh outreach strategy. We work on all aspects of our client's web presence, including optimization and development of written content. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our methods or commitment to real results for our clients.

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