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Content vs. Content Marketing

As a business, your content is your most valuable asset; therefore, understanding the differences in content strategies, as well as how they can work together, is key to building a successful business online as well as offline.

In developing a successful content marketing strategy, content marketing and content, are two subjects that are often confused; however, there is a clear distinction between the two. In fact, the difference between the two is the destination and confusing one with the other could result in content that goes unused, which could ultimately affect your ability to build an audience.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves optimizing your marketing goals in an effort to lure an audience to your brand destination or experience. In other words, it is the method of creating and distributing useful and consistent content that will entice, obtain, and maintain a target audience with the goal of increasing profitable customer interaction.

A good example of content marketing is building content and using SEO practices on your online outlet to generate traffic.

What is Content?

Content, on the other hand, is a more general tool. For instance, there's marketing campaign and advertising content, there's product content, there's customer-service content, and there's employee generated content. In other words, content helps organizations manage content across all platforms, which goes beyond the purpose of content marketing.

The Difference Between Content Marketing and Content

The difference between content and content marketing is the strategy employed to both allure and assemble an audience; however, content is still key. In fact, it's how content marketers use content that will determine whether they will draw in a target audience as well as if they will shift or enhance their behavior or not.

How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Strategy Using Content and Content Marketing

The issue with most content is that it is often generated for the organization and not the audience you are attempting to attract and convert. As a result, more than 50% of businesses content goes unused. Therefore, the first step to creating a successful content marketing strategy is to take the audience-first approach to business storytelling, which inspires constant support from your audience.

Siren Song Marketing Internet Marketing Company can help strengthen your content marketing strategy includes developing a content mission statement that identifies your target audience, what subjects you support, and what advantages you provide for your audience.

In addition, we can also be sure your site contains all the elements of a typical publisher site, such as ample images to both support your topic and break up text, categories across the top to show what subjects you cover, calls to subscribe to your updates, social sharing options so readers can easily share your content, and an offer, contact us page, or call to action for those who want to contact you directly.

You should also be sure to publish at least once a day, especially if you cover just one subject, and track your performance in order to improve your results.

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