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No matter what kind of event you plan on having, it cannot be a success without people in attendance. If you need to make sure your event has plenty of visitors, you need event management promotion from Siren Song Marketing Group.

Comprehensive Event Promotion

With Siren Song Marketing Group, you can enjoy a multifaceted marketing approach with social media marketing, Internet marketing and more. Your event will be advertised with community resources such as newsletters, community calendars and press releases to local media outlets. You can also leverage customized flyers and brochures, which can be distributed at key community facilities.

Internet Marketing

In addition to these approaches, you can expect the best online support. Your event will have its own website, which will be promoted on all platforms. This will not only attract an audience, but it will also promote your sponsors, who can be tagged in every post. This campaign management extends to social media as well. Tactics you can expect include an Instagram contest or a dedicated blog post to feature sponsors. The approach can be customized to fit your exact needs.

Superior Event Promotion

For a successful event campaign, you will need at least six to eight weeks of lead time. This allows for the creation of custom graphics and a nuanced ad campaign. Tiered service options can be upgraded at any time, allowing you to develop event promotion specific to your event and your budget. Contact Siren Song Marketing Group to discuss your campaign options today.

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